Cameroon – Kousseri killings: The gendarme currently in custody in the central prison of Maroua (Far North)

Written by Deckson N.

He was taken there on Tuesday, 18 July 2017. He is therefore waiting to go before the Military Court.

Jude Woumessi, the author of four murders, namely those of three gendarmes and a civilian in the town of Kousséri, Far North Region, is now held in the central prison of Maroua. It was finally on 18 July 2017 that he was conducted there. He is waiting to go before the Military Court to be able to answer for his murderous act which dates back to July 14, 2017. It must be known that the gendarme in question was mastered on that day by the special commissioner of Kousséri after talks that lasted an hour, says the daily Mutations edition of July 20, 2017. He had to stay in the jails of the Special Teams of rapid intervention (Esir) of Kousséri for a few hours. Then it was to the legion of gendarmerie of Kousséri that he was transferred before being sent in the city of Maroua.

So far it remains impossible to affirm without doubt what caused the gendarme Jude Woumessi to posed the murderous act for which the Cameroonian justice sues him today. While some have spoken of the ill-treatment inflicted on him by his leader, others have alluded to a problem of morals. It will therefore be necessary to wait until the latter passes before the Military Court where he will have to explain clearly the motives of his crime.

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