Cameroon – Bakassi: No deaths or expulsions of Nigerians occurred in the town of Idabato in Bakassi, according to the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary

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Written by Deckson N.

Following the persistent rumors of murder of Nigerian fishermen allegedly committed in the Bakassi locality, the government spokesman issued a statement on Wednesday.

The minister’s communiqué restates the events that took place on the night of July 3, pointing out that it was the Cameroonians who were attacked.

“On the night of 3 July, the municipal authorities of Idabato launched a tax collection operation in the locality concerned. This operation ran into the apparent hostility of some Nigerian nationals on the grounds that they are in Nigerian territory. They also brutalized members of the tax collection committee deployed on the ground and threatened to destroy various private and public buildings in protest. At the same time, some of them with the support of the Nigerian media have launched a campaign to accuse the Cameroonian government of atrocities against them “.

A different conclusion from the accusations made by the Nigerian media last week that “the Cameroonian government refutes such inaccurate and unfounded allegations.” The statement read on national radio adds that “No coercive measures have been exerted on the Nigerian populations of Idabato despite their violent reaction and their refusal to obey the public officials“. He describes the information of the Nigerian media as a “diversionary maneuver aimed at disguising the reality of the facts, and more generally of intentionally malicious attempts at disinformation“.

Issa Tchiroma also recalls that “foreign nationals living in Cameroon are subject to strict observance of the relevant legal provisions governing their stay or the exercise of their economic activities on the national territory“. It is then learned that Nigerian nationals no longer benefit from the tax exemption regime established with the Green Tree agreements since August 14, 2013. A deadline that the Cameroonian government had chosen to extend for another two years in an impetus Fraternity, but which has indeed expired. Nigerian nationals resident in Bakassi will now have to comply with the regulations, he adds.

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