Cameroon – Telecom: In partnership with Konnect Africa, Bloosat inaugurates the satellite internet era in Cameroon

In partnership with Konnect Africa, Bloosat inaugurates the satellite internet era in Cameroon
Written by Deckson N.

Since July 12, 2017, it is possible, whatever part of the Cameroonian territory on which one is, to connect to the Internet. To do this, one needs to pay a sum of 100,000 CFA francs for the acquisition and installation of the kit marketed for this purpose by the Cameroonian company Bloosat. The bill for the connection will cost the subscriber 25,000 CFA francs each month, they said officially.

Although this service is not within the reach of the average Cameroonian, it has the peculiarity of inaugurating the era of the distribution of the general public via the satellite in Cameroon. Indeed, in order to effect this revolution on the Cameroon internet market, Bloosat has entered into a partnership with Konnect Africa, a subsidiary of the French group Eutelsat, specialized in the provision of satellite internet. It is recalled that on 6 June this French telecom firm officially announced the launch of its activities in nine African countries, namely Cameroon, Benin, Kenya, Lesotho, Nigeria, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Uganda.

In order to make its service quickly available on Cameroonian territory, Bloosat has attached the services of the money transfer company Express Union, which has an extensive network of almost 600 agencies in the country, including where the internet is not always a reality, but where the prices charged by the Bloosat-Konnect Africa couple should have a hard time reversing the trend, given the purchasing power of the populations. Unless Konnect Africa and its Cameroonian partner quickly launch the deployment of WiFi hotspots in the country, as well as the marketing of “Pay as you go” offers as promised by the French firm in its press release of June 6 2017.

Internet access in Cameroon grew by 16.5% in 2016 alone, finally reaching 18% by the end of the year, according to statistics revealed by Internet Live Stats, Cameroon ranked among the three African countries (with Mali and Lesotho) with the greatest increase in access to the Internet in 2016. This performance can be explained by the advent of technologies between March and December 2015 3 and 4G in the country.

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