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Cameroon – Anglophone crisis: Sam Mbende agrees with Anglophones and says “Anglophone claims are well founded”

Written by Deckson N.

The artist asks the other Cameroonians to listen to what they have to say without opposing sectarian arguments.

Sam Mbende understands the attitude of people in the Northwest and South-West regions. The artist who is also chairman of the board of directors of the Cameroon Music Corporation (Cmc) spoke about the anglophone crisis during the program Decryptage broadcast last weekend on the private television Vision 4. For him, “The anglophone crisis is real“. He condemns the violence from wherever it comes and asserts that “finally the English problem is a long-standing problem“. According to him there are “little things” like the non-existence of a reference hospital in Limbe that is located in an area where oil is exploited “that exasperate.

Sam Mbende believes that a democracy must treat minorities well. He adds that the Anglophone minority is part of Cameroon and wants to make its voice heard. “We just have to listen and be tolerant. We just have to hear the cry of the hearts of these people. ” Sam Mbende said that he spoke with full knowledge of the facts and for having traveled the whole country, he experienced the confusion of the anglophones. “Their claims are well founded,” he said.

He asks the other Cameroonians to be a little more correct towards their compatriots of Southern Cameroons. “What we had to do as brothers in Cameroon was to listen to them. Do not tell them that “yes as you are English speakers, we ourselves here in Douala we also have our problems, all Cameroonians have problems then …” No it is not a good way to solve the problem. The right way to solve the problem is perhaps a political settlement.

Sam Mbende believes that effective decentralization could be an early solution to the problems of Anglophones. He convinced himself that “our brothers are competent“. He argues that they want to contribute to the building of Cameroon.

Rosita‘s interpreter thinks it is not late to find a solution to the English problem. “Let us not let the anger of these people exteriorize and then do not give the chance to those who want to recover the thing politically to ignite Cameroon. Cameroon already has enough problems like that.

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