Cameroon – Abine Ayah Ayah: “I find your dad very naive and childish” an SDF heavyweight militant told Ayah Paul’s son.

Written by Deckson N.

Abine Ayah Ayah, the son of the retired Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine who’s been a victim of an unlawful arrest for several months now, took it to his Facebook profile to denounce the statement made by an SDF “heavyweight” vis-a-vis his father’s case. below is what he wrote.

(This is not about a political party but about an individual of that party who can best be described without unveiling his true identity by identifying him with his party. I have nothing against the SDF, please)

I have held this to myself for a very long time but I thought it wise to liberate myself from this ‘poisson’ today, in order to move forward and let those who care understand that Ayah Paul’s real enemies are from within. None should be surprised at the attitude of most SDF bigwigs vis-a-vis the anglophone question and most especially, their ABSOLUTE SILENCE concerning Ayah Paul Abine’s ordeals. They have their reasons which people like us know very well.

But my surprise was like tears from the stars the day I met an SDF heavy weight (whose name I will conceal for now owing to the respect many people errorneously have for him), and asked him what his take was regarding the mystery sorrounding my dad’s wahala. He responded in the following words (permit me paraphrase him)
“I find your dad very naive and childish. He called me over the phone said some “stupid things” concerning the anglophone question (which I prefer not to mention because I still have some respect for him) as if it concerns him. He just goes about dreaming and doing things without consulting people like us who have intelligence in this country. He behaves like a coward. So I am not surprised he was arrested…..”

He at no point asked how dad was doing nor tried to sympathise with his situation. AT NO ONE POINT. HE RATHER VISIBLY AND FROM ALL INDICATIONS, JOYED OVER MY DAD’s SORROWS. I THOUGHT I WAS DREAMING AND I HAD TO SLEEP OVER IT FOR A MONTH IN ORDER TO BE SURE THIS IS REAL LIFE. But I am not surprised though, he has never cared to visit him anyway, nor openly defend him in public; a person he knows very personally. You won’t believe that even at a time when anglophones have set aside their differences for the common interest, a ‘very respected gentleman’ of the SDF (a party I respect very much) could still spit out this kind of hate speech and vile against another who is carrying a cross on behalf of all. I won’t be surprised if it is proven than he is part of the plot against Ayah.

He is reading me and he knows very well that what I am saying is true. There were eye witnesses the day he had all these kind words for my dad last month. One eye witnesses even claimed he tapped some portion of what he said (which I have kept asking him to jelously keep for posterity). One day, I will expose the individual to the public with more indepth details of our complete chat for everyone to judge for himself WHOM OUR REAL ENEMIES ARE.
Hypocrisy, Hate and envy at it’s apex…

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