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Cameroon – Kousseri massacre: At least three different reasons for the same crime

Written by Deckson N.

Two days after the murder of gendarmes in Kousséri, in the Far-North Region, the authorities and the Crtv, the government’s audiovisual media, are paradoxically silent.

There is no doubt as to the facts: On Friday, 14 July 2017, a young gendarme on duty at 33 Squadron of the Compagnie de Gendarmerie de Kousséri, administrative center of the Logone & Chari in the Far North, killed four people, including three gendarmes and one civilian, with the aid of a firearm.

What can explain this criminal act of a young man at the beginning of his career? Two days later, the authorities have still not formally pronounced on the subject of the massacre, leaving the field open to all sorts of calculations.

For some, it is a crime of passion. “I live behind the Company. The murderer accused his chief (Captain Ondoua, ed.) of sleeping with his companion. It is a story that is known to all here in Kousséri. The three women who were also killed “helped” the captain to sleep with the wife of his subordinate, “said a source, a civilian who has lived in Kousséri for four years and works in N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, separated from Chief town of the Logone & Chari just by a bridge.

For others, the murderer accused his leader, Captain Ondoa, of blocking his advancement in rank and abuse.

A third version indicates that the carnage of Kousséri is the consequence of a mental disorder of which the young gendarme would suffer.

The alleged murderer, who is still alive, would be called Jude Woumessi. He has since been questioned by the competent services. It is known that this hearing will come to put an end to the calculations on the motives of the crime.

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