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Vatican: The Pope forbids his visitors to complain.

Written by Deckson N.

The Vatican and its first official once again make headlines. It must be said that several close collaborators of Pope Francis were shaken by accusations on sexual abuse in recent weeks. This time the pontiff recommended to his visitors not to complain.

Forbidden to complain! “: It is the inscription hung on his door in the residence Sainte-Marthe, behind the Vatican. The information is relayed by many media.

On the phone Albert Mianzoukouta, expert on Vatican issues, told the BBC that there was nothing surprising.

We know the pope’s humor. There is nothing surprising or scandalous about this sign. This is not a way to repel visitors. It is to remind them that God is there but that they must act to change their lives, “commented the specialist.

According to him, the placard was presented to the pope by Salvo Noe, an Italian psychologist, at the end of a public hearing on St. Peter’s Square in mid-June.

Pope Francis then promised with a smile that he would put it “on the door of his office where he receives the visitors.” But he finally chose to display it in his modest Sainte-Marthe aparthotel.

The first official of the Catholic Church intends to invite his followers, and especially his visitors, not to let themselves be melancholy or to lament. And according to his relatives, it is this message he tried to deliver by asking them to “concentrate on their own potentialities and not on their own limits.

Stop complaining and act to improve your life“, is the credo of the sovereign pontiff.

Protecting the Vatican?

For another opinion, it would rather be for the Pope to close his mouth to his visitors, especially about the many obscene practices of which his community is accused, through high officials of the Vatican.

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