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Cameroon – Douala: A 13-year old virgin girl gives birth.

Written by Deckson N.

A girl aged only 13 gives birth to a baby.

The case makes waves in the city of Douala and the comments go in every direction. Indeed, Patricia M. is a young girl living with her parents in Douala. She was a student in a secondary school of the place and had never experienced the tear of her hymen, a symbol of virginity.

One morning, against all odds, her family discovered that her belly took on curves. At first, nobody suspected anything. Her relatives believed rather that she took disproportionately weight due to the fact that she likes eating. But that wasn’t the case.

Patricia was pregnant with a man she did not know. After several months, the family, who did not want her to give birth normally, proposed surgery to do so, to preserve her virginity.

In fact, Patricia had inadvertently used her sister’s intimate towel who had used it 48 hours before to clean herself after copulation with her lover.

Thus her pregnancy can be scientifically explained because, the sperm has a lifespan of 72 hours.

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