Cameroon – Hemodialysis: Patients without care despite the stock of 4500 kits

Written by Deckson N.

It was in a communiqué dated 30 June last that the Minister of Public Health André Mama Fouda announced the arrival by air-cargo of an expedition under a week. It is now done for a few days, but the patients suffering from kidney failure being treated at the general hospital of Yaounde are still without care.

This is what Bertrand Balogog, spokesman for dialysis patients at the General Hospital of Yaounde, maintains. He was contacted by telephone on Tuesday, July 11 at the beginning of the evening. He said that the kidney insufficiency patients of this hospital institution are still waiting for their share, out of the 4,500 kits recently received by the Ministry of Public Health.

These are 4500 kits to be dispatched in the 8 centers of hemodialysis of Cameroon. In the opinion of Bertrand Balogog, spokesperson of the dialysis patients of the general hospital of Yaounde, this stock in view of the high demand is insignificant. So much so, that it will not even suffice to dialysis for a week.

There is reason to fear that we are far from leaving the inn; Especially as it is always blackout on the exact date of the announced delivery of another stock by sea. Without specifying when, the release of the Minister of Public Health just tells the importance of the stock in question in the sense that it will be much larger.

It should be remembered that patients suffering from chronic renal insufficiency in Cameroon have been facing for months the shortage of the components of dialysis kits. A situation due to the “difficulties” in the supply chain, explained Minister André Mama Fouda of public health. Deprived of the sessions of care that they must however receive on average 3 times a week, some patients have already succumbed in the capital Yaounde.

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