Cameroon – Bala case: Pope to cancel trip to Cameroon

Written by Deckson N.

The Argentine pontiff did not appreciate at all the vagueness maintained by the regime of Paul Biya on the causes of the death of Monsignor Jean-Marie Benoît Bala and the thesis of “suicide” evoked by the public prosecutor of the Court of Justice of the Center region.

A source in the Vatican informs that for Pope Francis, the Bishop of Bafia did not commit suicide. The position of the Vatican is clear. The Pope believes that Jean-Marie Benoît Bala has indeed been assassinated and demands investigations and if these are not done, he gives up visiting Cameroon on a forthcoming visit abroad.

A priest on duty in the Vatican who has requested anonymity supports through an Internet exchange with the reporter of the daily “Le Messager” that “The current Pope is opposed to a part of the Cameroonian bishops” “Despite the fact that some in his entourage have done everything possible to take him to Cameroon, Pope Francis remains incorruptible

J.F, the priest in question, who cited only the initials of his name does not stop there and informs that in the Vatican “the Pope is even suspicious of his entourage. Those who try to convince him to come to Cameroon “.

He adds that the Argentine Pontiff gives all his support to Monsignor Kleda, who thinks it is a murder and approves of the Episcopal Conference whose postures “are in line with the official Vatican’s thinking“.

The priest does not rule out the assumption that the Bishop of Bafia would be murdered for reasons related to homosexuality. For him, “it is no secret that the question of sexual mores exists within the Catholic Church in general and that in Cameroon“.

Remember that on March 23, Paul Biya had paid an official two-day visit to Pope Francis at the Vatican.

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