Cameroon – Consumption: Populations of the Far North rush to camel meat

Written by Deckson N.

According to housewives in addition to its delicious taste, it has many therapeutic virtues.

According to the daily Mutations, July 7, 2017, people living in the city of Maroua, Far North Region of Cameroon, are increasingly fond of camel meat. They have copied this new food habit from people who have recently stayed in Chad. At the old bus station of the city, the named Amadou, a butcher of the corner, certifies that today the housewives leave the meat of beef for that of the camel.

In the past I sold beef and when people asked for camel meat, I started with a small amount. And after seeing that my clientele has grown, I have increased the quantity, “he says.

Besides the exquisite taste, according to the housewives, this food also presents many therapeutic virtues. Veterinary officers interviewed by the daily say that camel meat is “a healthy and consumable meat because the camel is an animal of the Sahel and therefore restricted to diseases“.

Regarding food supplies, the aforementioned butcher indicates that it is at the Comice market in the city that the sellers of this meat like him, find the food very prized and which is however rare. According to him the camels slaughtered come from Kourdaya, next to Waza. It is towards the border with Nigeria.

I also go to the far reaches of the villages of Logone and Chari or of Chad to look for the camels to be slaughtered,” he adds.

As far as the sale price is concerned, it varies between 350,000 and 450,000 FCFA. It can also be well above the indicated prices. However the Kilo of this food is left to the housewife at the price of 1,800 FCFA for the meat with bone, and without bone, it is necessary to disburse the sum of 2 000 FCFA.

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