Cameroon – Anglophone crisis: The North West Fons advocate “living together” in Douala

Written by Deckson N.

About fifty traditional leaders from the Northwest region recently visited the economic capital.

They came to celebrate a “living together” day. Indeed, some fifty Fons of the NW stayed in Douala between June 30 and July 2, 2017. La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) published on July 4 indicates that this visit is part of a cultural mixing Sawa and Northwest peoples.

Our colleague believes that this event was also an eminently political one. Indeed, it intervenes in an environment marked by the anglophone crisis during which voices were raised to demand secession. According to LNE, “the promotion of appeasement within the community must be promoted in order to achieve a united, strong and indivisible nation“.

In his occasional speech, the government delegate to Douala, moreover, pointed this out. “News leads me to situate the framework of this event which takes part in concrete initiatives aimed at consolidating in particular the regions of the Northwest and South-West messages of peace,” said Fritz Ntone Ntone.

The city of Douala was not chosen at random. “Indeed, the gateway to Cameroon, the cosmopolitan city is therefore the best place to pass the message of peace. There is more question for this stay of Fons, to promote and implement the living together to prevent evils like the anglophone crisis, “said the newspaper. The Fons spokesperson Fon Gwan Mbanyamsig III called “the forces to transcend political and cultural, tribal and political divisions.

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