Cameroon – Agribusiness: Billionaire Abbo Ousmanou is looking for his cargo of wheat worth 3 billion FCFA, vanished in thin air.

billionaire Abbo Ousmanou is looking for a cargo of wheat of 3 billion FCFA, missing
Written by Deckson N.

Since May 2017, Scmc, a local mill belonging to the Cameroonian billionaire Mohammadou Abbo Ousmanou, is vainly searching for a cargo of wheat valued at 3 billion CFA francs.

According to the most famous industrialist of the Far North of Cameroon, this wheat, embarked on board of eight boats, nevertheless arrived at the port of Douala, the economic capital, but never in the premises of the Scmc.

The economic operator’s suspicions relate to Mr. Lafontan, a former member of the Somdiaa group recruited in 2014, who heads five of the seven companies in the Abbo group.

The latter, one learns, would have subtly created, in Equatorial Guinea, a mill to which would have been diverted the cargo of raw materials yet commissioned on behalf of the Scmc of the billionaire Abbo Ousmanou.

The Cameroonian police, which opened an investigation into the curious disappearance of this cargo of wheat, also explores, according to the victim, the trail of an assignment, as a loan, of his cargo to local competitors, with the complicity of Mr. Lafontan, whom Cameroonian billionaire now speaks in very pejorative terms.

At the time, he told me I had a good cannon, but I still needed ammunition. That is to say men to work in my company. Today, the observation is that I gave Mr. Lafontan all the means to get the cartridges. The cannon burst and cut off my arm, “confided the billionaire of Ngaoundéré in an interview with the Daily Le Jour.

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