Cameroon – 2018 Presidential elections: Refugees with Cameroon NIC have registered in electoral lists.

Written by Deckson N.

These are documents that have been issued to Central African refugees in Cameroon. The aim of this campaign is to remove the impostors from the electoral process.

In the Eastern Region of Cameroon, Cameroonian National Identity Cards (CNIs) have been attributed “fraudulently” to Central African refugees. To avoid “impostors” in the next electoral process, the daily newspaper Le Jour, published on 3 July 2017, reports that a vast campaign of withdrawal of these documents is currently taking place in this region.

In addition to the said campaign, Elections Cameroon (Elecam) was asked to be more vigilant “in order to extirpate all the Central African citizens who had registered on the previous electoral rolls“.

It must be said that it was on 2 June last that the names Pierre Roger Bekono Effandem and Dieudonné Mbéllé Amougou two members of the electoral council drew attention and sounded alarm bells about these NICs possessed by Central African refugees.

The village chiefs know their people well. They must cooperate with the police by denouncing all foreigners who possess national identity cards, “Pierre Roger Effandem told a working session at the time.

Following him, his colleague Dieudonné Mbéllé Amougou added that

cleaning the electoral rolls is not only about erasing duplicates, removing the deceased etc … but it also involves extirpating impostors who have fraudulently slipped into our process by registering to the electoral rolls when they have no status because they have fraudulently acquired Cameroonian nationality “.

According to Le Jour, these pieces of identity fraudulently acquired were very much at the moment when the Head of State had made them free to encourage Cameroonians to register massively on the electoral lists.

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