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Cameroon – Protection from perversity: Rapper Maahlox banned from performing in Douala.

Written by Deckson N.

The rapper will not perform on July 6 in a snack bar in Bonamoussadi.

The concert of Maahlox is canceled. The Cameroonian rapper was due to perform on July 6, 2017 evening at the snack bar MERMO located in the Bonamoussadi district in Douala. But the D.O of Douala V banned the show, in a decision signed on June 30, 2017.

Jean Marie Tchakoui justifies his decision by the fact that the controversial statements of the concerned, often gives rise to strong tensions and brawls during his shows. The administrative authority therefore requests the Commissioner for Public Security of Douala to enforce this decision.

The D.O of Douala V is probably based on videos of the rapper who recently toured the web. While he was in concert at a nightclub in Yaounde, a woman approached the author of “Ça sort comme ça sort“, assaulted him with a baseball bat.

After threatening him, she tried to hit him with the bat. According to comments, the woman in question would reproach the artist of his offensive words against her friend in one of Maahlox’s songs.

The decision of Jean Marie Tchakoui recalls that of another administrative authority. The SDO of the Mifi, Joseph TANGWA, who in November 2016 signed a decree prohibiting, in his territory, “all sale, promotion and dissemination” of the song “Coller la petite” of the rapper Franko. A decision that had at the time sparked sharp reactions of outrage, well beyond Cameroon.

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