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Cameroon – Maahlox: Rapper fires back (as expected) to the D.O of Douala V

Written by Deckson N.

The rapper reputed of not having his tongue in his pocket has just responded to the ban on his show issued by the D.O of Douala V.

In a decree, Jean-Mrie Tchakui Noundié banned the show of rapper Maahlox, scheduled on July 6, 2017 at the snack bar MERMO located in the Bonamoussadi district in Douala. The administrative authority that asks the Commissioner of Public Security of Douala to enforce his decision explains that “the controversial statements of the person [Maahlox, Editor’s note], often give rise to strong tensions and brawls during his performances.

The rapper’s reaction was not long in coming. In a message posted on social networks, he writes: “I hope at least that PROSTITUTION is forbidden in Douala.

In 2016, another administrative authority had already distinguished himself in this register. Joseph Twanga, then SDO of MIFI, had banned the song “Coller la petite” from the rapper Franko, for “incitement to depravity” in his command territory.


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