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Ghana – Sarkodie: Rapper disrespects Meiway…here’s how

Written by Deckson N.

The genius of kpalêzo was to make a featuring with the Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie in his last album ” illimitic ”. He even announced the title “watch my body” in an interview given to a media.

Eventually it was not possible. The sounds of the corridor spoke of a lack of respect.

So here is what happened.

Meiway would have solicited the Ghanaian hip hop star for a duo on the title quoted above.

But Sarkodie would have disrespected Professor “Awôlôwô“, as reported by Urbanpress, a magazine that reports the news.

The Ivorian artist who visited Ghana for a show last week was reportedly received on the air as part of a promotion.

And it was during the exchanges with the animators that Professor Awôlowô spit out his truths indirectly to his younger brother before the Ghanaian people:

Sarkodie disrespected me. He is an artist that I like, that’s why, for my last album I wanted to do a duet with him. So I sent him the composition, which he still has today, so that he puts his voice there. We agreed on all the conditions, but for more than a year and a half, Sarkodie only turns me around, without ever doing the job, “explained the genius of Pkalêzo angrily.

Here is why the feat announced with the Ghanaian rapper could not appear on the album “Illimitic“.

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