Cameroon – Yaounde: Hemodialysis patients organize a sit-in in the Yaounde General Hospital to express their dismay

Yaounde general hospital
Written by Deckson N.

The atmosphere is still tense at the General Hospital of Yaounde. This time it is the hemodialysis patients who express their discontent with the deterioration of the conditions of the service that takes care of them. After the multiple cuts of water, 2/3 of the patients have been without dialysis for 9 days.

When we learn that the billion-dollar sports palace has been renovated, simple maintenance is lacking here,” said one protester.

It must be emphasized that the patients say they are overwhelmed by the authorities’ unfulfilled promises.

“We have already lost sick comrades like us. Every day, each one wonders if it is his turn to die”

To express their dismay, they organized a sit-in in front of the gate of the hospital. Tired and in bad shape, they insisted on showing the Cameroonians the negligence of the authorities in charge of health blocking a portal entrance of the hospital. This scene of desolation attracted many curious who, through compassion joined the movement.

This situation calls once more on the public authorities to take into account the situation of those patients whose place is not on the street but rather on their hospital bed for appropriate care.

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