Cameroon – University of Buea: Was Nalova Lyonga swept away by the anglophone crisis?

Written by Deckson N.

The five-year stay of the former Vice-Chancellor of this first state university in the English-speaking area was marked by the breakdown of the dialogue between the administration and the other stakeholders of this institution.

Nalova Lyonga was appointed head of the University of Buea in June 2012, replacing Vincent Titandji, who gave way on Tuesday to Ngomo Horace Manga, following a decree by the President of the Republic, which carried out a major redevelopment within the state universities of Cameroon.

But the case of the University of Buea inevitably retains attention in view of the recent events in connection with the crisis that shakes the anglophone part of the country. It will be remembered that it was the violent crackdown on 28 November 2016 of an angry student protest against a fine of 10 000 CFA F introduced by the now former patroness of the University of Buea for students not paying on time their university rights which had helped to burn the city of Buea. Students who were abused and even raped by law enforcement officials also claimed the payment of their bonuses of academic excellence of 50,000 CFA Francs from Paul Biya.

Before this striking students, there was a teachers’ strike in June 2013. Overall, the five years that Nalova Lyonga spent at the head of the University of Buea was marked by the loss of dialogue between the administration and lecturers on one hand, and between the leaders and students represented by the University of Buea Student Union (UBSU) on the other. One of the main challenges of the new Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea will be to restore the dialogue between the various components of this university institution. The rectors of the universities of Maroua, Ngaoundéré and Yaoundé II were also replaced by the Head of State.

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