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Cameroon – Douala: For a trip to Canada, a 42-year old man causes the death of his father

Written by Deckson N.

After obtaining his technical baccalaureat in refrigeration and air conditioning, Achille Ndongo suggested to his father to go pursue his graduate studies in Ghana. After several years of study, the student decided to return to Cameroon to meet with the family he had left behind. Seduced by the taste of adventure, Achille Ndongo, 42-year old, coveted this time Canada.

He therefore proposed to the deceased to finance his departure for that country. The poor dad, having no financial means, implored his son to wait so that he could raise money for this purpose. But in a hurry to join Quebec, Achille asked his father to sell his shop located at the New-Deido market in Douala. The shop being the breast of his little family, the head of the family of four children renounced the proposal of his son and decided not to talk about it.

Achille Ndongo went further to achieve his goals. “He put fuel in the motorcycle to burn the house in case his father did not sell the shop to send him to Canada,” said Armand Kueté, Achille’s younger brother. Despite his multiple threats, the deceased remained firm in his decision-making. Achilles therefore took the initiative to sell his father’s store without his father’s knowledge. It is later that his father learned that he no longer owns his shop.

Traumatized by this news, he died of stroke on the night when the new purchaser presented this Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 3am. He was transported by a taxi to the morgue of the Deido Hospital. Informed of the tragic situation of his father, Achille Ndongo went to the family home in Douala at Pk 16 with a knife. He threatened to kill his mother, saying  “she would be the cause of his father’s death.

Alerted by the family, the gendarmes of the brigade of Logbessou went down to the place in order to put Achille out of harm’s way. He is kept in police custody in the gendarmerie. According to a gendarme, “Achilles could be a mentally ill person“.

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