Cameroon – National Assembly: Cavaye Yeguié refuses to give the floor to CPDM MP, Martin Oyono, and SDF MP, Fusi Namekong for poor dressing.

Written by Deckson N.

The Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament prevented two MPs from speaking in plenary because of their dressing code.

End of parliamentary session was decisively agitated in the National Assembly. Cavaye Yeguié Djibril attacked two other parliamentarians after the passing of arms between the President of the National Assembly and the SDF MP for the Bui, Joseph Wirba, back after several months of absence. The event took place on 21 June 2017 in the Ngoa-Ekellé Chamber.

Certainly already vexed by the attitude of the Honorable Joseph Wirba who accused him of not supporting him, the PNA refused to give the floor to two other elected officials who had questions to ask the members of the government. The first to have paid for it, is the Ocean CPDM MP Martin Oyono. La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) of June 23 indicates that the latter, dressed in a jacket of military inspiration endowed with short sleeves, was not considered worthy to rise in the tribune to ask his question to the Minister of the Administration Territorial and Decentralization.

Those who come in shirt-sleeves to the National Assembly, I do not give you the floor. I have already sanctioned members for that reason. We do not come to the hemicycle clothed anyhow, “Cavaye Yeguié said, disdaining Martin Oyono’s hand. The reply was prompt. “But, Mr. President, I am in Saharan Africa, in traditional clothing,” he replied.

However, Cavaye did not return to his position. Fusi Namekong of the SDF underwent the same treatment. “Honorable, I will not give you the floor. You can not come to the hemicycle in T-Shirt, “PNA said. He immediately reacted: “I wear the traditional clothing of the North-West,” he ranted, but to no avail. The SDF tried to introduce a preliminary question without success.

LNE nevertheless states that the National Assembly’s regulations, which its president has waved to justify his attitude, does not specify a dressing code for elected officials.

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