Cameroon – Biya/Macron meeting: The Belinga team allegedly ridiculed in France

Written by Deckson N.

Clearly Macron and his team want to give a good lesson to Paul Biya and his team. Last weekend Director of the Civil Cabinet (DCC) Martin Belinga was in France to negotiate the famous meeting with the president of France when he is at the same time allegedly proclaimed to be hospitalized in Switzerland.

This story becomes a power game for the Elysée which is constantly turning the protocol of Paul Biya and the number one Cameroonian himself.

Their “secret” journey did not succeed as the influential, the diplomat Belinga Eboutou desired. His diplomacy has obviously found “its limits“.

According to a post dated June 23, 2017, the DCC Belinga suffered a new affront during this umpteenth attempt to negotiate a head to head between Paul Biya and Emmanuel Macron.

The delegation led by Belinga Eboutou to see Macron turned into ridicule in Paris last week. Instead of being at least received by the Secretary General of the Elysée, Belinga Eboutou was received by a simple attaché. It remains to be seen whether the delegation was able to make a good impression and when this meeting will take place.

As a reminder, Paul Biya was so anxious to meet Emmanuel Macron in vain. He was the first after the brilliant election of the French president to manifest his desire to meet the tenant of the Elysee. His request has not been granted until now. The wait becomes too long, it’s been more than a month already.

For this, “Paul Biya squanders the money of Cameroonians to corrupt the French personalities with blows of billions FCFA, just for a few minutes of audience,” reveals Ndzana Seme.


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