Cameroon – Agro-Industry: The Cameroonian SME Keuni Foods is going to conquer the market of culinary provision

The Cameroonian SME Keuni Foods is going to conquer the market of culinary broths, thanks to the spices of the African soil
Written by Deckson N.

Housewives who have difficulty controlling the different mixtures of African spices that can raise the taste of their meat, fish and chickens, do not have to worry anymore. Just go to a supermarket, and buy a bag of “Secret“, a brand developed by the Cameroonian company Keuni Foods. It is a concentrate of spices from the soil already mixed, which comes in several flavors (chickens and other white meats, fish and crustaceans, then Meat) and directly usable for different seasonings.

This Cameroonian SME is thus tackling a market already dominated by companies such as FooDis, Cameroon’s Francis Nana Djomou, which distributes the Jumbo brand’s culinary bouillon; Or the Swiss giant, Nestlé, which produces around CFA 5 billion in sales per month in the Cemac area, thanks to its famous Maggi cube, which comes in many flavors.

A situation that does not seem to worry the promoter of Keuni Foods, who counts on a major comparative advantage. “Our products are 100% natural with a pinch of salt for preservative. In an environment where many elements used to cook our dishes are chemical and even dangerous for health, like the glutamate contained in the cube, ” Secret ” is the innovation that allows us to season our food without any hazard for our health. Moreover, our composition allows, on one hand, saving time and, on the other hand, allows novices in the kitchen to not miss their dish. For example, to make braised fish, nothing is simpler than brushing the previously cleaned fish with a sachet of “Secret poisson” and salt and putting it in the fire “, explains Aïcha Noucti Kadji, who specifies that in order to guarantee an exceptional quality of the product,” Secret “obtained certification of conformity from the Agency of the norms and quality of Cameroon (Anor).

According to this economic operator, granddaughter of billionaire Joseph Kadji Defosso, one of Cameroon’s largest industrial captains, and daughter of Noucti Tchokwago, former CEO of the Batoula group, her project stems from a simple observation: “We have noticed that Cameroonian consumers, in particular, and Africans in general, are increasingly aware and better educated on nutritional issues. Hence the interest observed during the purchase, on the choice of the best consumer products, “confides Aïcha Noucti Kadji, both graduate in management sciences at Hec Montréal and in corporate communication at the Esgci from Paris.

With new information and communication technologies, such as the Internet, they are becoming more and more informed about the evolution of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and other diseases related to poor nutrition. The objective of Keuni Foods is to exploit this potential market as best as possible, by marketing its products across all the countries of the African continent and the West, ” says the young economic operator who employs some fifty people in her company.

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