Cameroon – National Assembly: [Audio] Listen Hon. Wirba’s heated argument with Cavaye Yéguié Djibril today

Written by Gisele Alba

The return of the SDF MP for the Bui division this Wednesday to the plenary of the ordinary session of June held in the National Assembly was unexpected after weeks of absence. Some languages said he had exiled when the violence and arrests were raining in the English-speaking area.

An arrest warrant had been issued against him even though his parliamentary immunity had not previously been lifted.

At this new plenary, the debates had been heated particularly on the issue of the arrest warrant, many members of the parliamentary Sdf group denounced its illegal side. Discussions that resulted in misunderstandings.

The reunion with his colleagues were not too convivial this Wednesday morning especially with the president of the National Assembly Cavaye Yéguié Djibril. The two men shouted at each other. At one point they had almost come to blows.

Cavaye Yéguié Djibril, president of the Cameroonian National Assembly for 25 years, described the honorable Joseph WIRBA as a maquis. If one sticks to the dictionary definition, a maquisard would be a fighter of an armed resistance group. This was not the taste of the charismatic Joseph Wirba.

President Cavaye reminded him that a warrant has been filed against him. The member of the SDF swept away his declarations and replied that he is going to tell the person who gave the order to come and do so.

This unexpected return of Joseph Wirba raises many questions, notably about a possible arrest. But the English-speaking MP from Bui does not seem concerned.

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