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Cameroon – Thomas Nkono: Italian goalkeeper Buffon named his first son “Thomas” in honor of the former Indomitable Lion

Written by Deckson N.

It is probably the most singular sign of affection that could be witnessed by Thomas N’kono!. Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon named his first son “Thomas” in honor of the former Indomitable Lions goalkeeper.

The reason being that the Cameroon goalkeeper would have influenced the career choice of Buffon, current goalkeeper of the Italian national team and Juventus.

For the record, the Italian goalkeeper in his football debut had long evolved to the post of striker. It was by following the performance of the Cameroon goalkeeper at the 1990 World Cup that he decided to change his position on the field. And since then, the Italian has taken as his model his elder from Cameroon.

He later confided that it was the speed, spontaneity, quick reflexes and aggressiveness of N’kono in the area of pole that seduced him throughout this world cup. Qualities that the goalkeeper says he cultivates throughout his career. The two men have already met on numerous occasions.

For Gianluigi Buffon, Thomas N’kono remains the best African goalkeeper in history. That’s why he decided to give his first name to his son. Like what, inspiration does not have a racial boundary!

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