Cameroon – SDF: “if the elections in the national convention are transparent, I will win John Fru Ndi” – Says Teche Nyamusa with full confidence

Written by Gisele Alba

In an interview with La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) on June 19, Felix Teche Nyamusa, a declared challenger of Ni John Fru Ndi, who has just published a book in this sense, is confident about his victory as president.

Question: You estimate in your book that John Fru Ndi is tired. What do you mean by that?

Teche Nyamusa: Yes, I say that Fru Ndi is already old. Not to deny his ability to go to the field, but I’m talking about the old in the sense that he has no idea to make things happen anywhere else on a political level. When Fru Ndi launched the SDF, I was a student in Nigeria (Amadou Bello University) and immediately I accepted the SDF. After my studies, I returned to Cameroon where I held several positions at the base of the party, from the cell to the region. So I think that when we started, John Fru Ndi was really alive and strong on ideas. With John Fru Ndi, we can not defeat, because the reason for forming a political party is to take power, as we see elsewhere. I can take the example of Burkina Faso, Nigeria and many others.

Question: You also claim that Fru Ndi supports the “gangsterism” of Paul Biya. Why ?

Teche Nyamusa: I can tell you that I do not approve of the fact that we always go to the elections with the bolts erected by the power in place and that made the verdict of these elections known beforehand. For me, as for many other Cameroonians, ELECAM is an organ that is there to work to ensure the victories of the CPDM. Fru Ndi should firmly challenge ELECAM and refuse to go to the elections with this body. And if it continues, we resist as provided for in the basic law of Cameroon. We saw in Burkina Faso and even in Nigeria where Buhari (Muhammadu Ed.) said he will not accept the rigging of the elections and we have reached the alternation. But here, this resistance is the responsibility of the SDF.

Question: Why do you think the Honorable Mbah Ndam is one of the people who are making the SDF not move?

Teche Nyamusa: He spoke to the press one day to say that he does not see the SDF moving, growing up without John Fru Ndi. For me, it is an aberration. John Fru Ndi is just one person. And no one can be indispensable. If a person is not there, the others can continue the fight.

Question: Are you supported in your fight?

Teche Nyamusa: I am precisely supported by the militants, I do not have a personality known behind me; Just militants. Even Fru Ndi has only one vote to vote. When I present my ideology, it is to benefit from the support of the activists.

Question: Some may feel that you are being manipulated. What do you say to them?

Teche Nyamusa: I’m not manipulated. I joined the party of my own accord, I accepted the party, so I freely express what I think. Those who say that I am manipulated, we will see in the elections. If it’s free and fair, I’ll win John Fru Ndi. I weigh my words well because I am a journalist. If those who support Fru Ndi think I’m manipulated, they can wear this as their campaign argument and the end will tell. I think there are many people who think like me, but they are afraid.

Question: What will you do if John Fru Ndi, instead of running , decides to support another candidate like Joshua Osih?

Teche Nyamusa: If he supports another candidate, we will go to the polls and the voters will choose the best. My desire to take the presidency of the SDF is not obsessive. I want the SDF to have a real candidate for the next presidential election. I have no doubt that if the elections to the national convention are transparent, I will win on the basis of my ideology. For the moment, I lead the first fight in the SDF, when I finish, I will attack the CPDM in power.

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