Cameroon – Politics: The opposition wants to bring together several strong political parties to kick out the CPDM from Etoudi via the G-18

Written by Deckson N.

The G-18 is a platform that will bring together several strong political parties capable of confronting the CPDM, which has been in power for more than three decades, in the 2018 presidential election.

The national leader of the Parti de l’Esprit d’Avril 48 (PEA48), and the chairman of the Mouvement d’Ensemble set up the G-18, to build a better Cameroon, a Cameroon for the Cameroonians first.

Solemnly, the two former comrades who are now politicians signed their memorandum of understanding in Douala on June 18 in the presence of hundreds of “quarantines” from all corners of Cameroon and Celestin Ndjamen, a committed SDF activist. According to media sources.

With spirit and ideas, one can move mountains, the history of Cameroon must be rewritten by its worthy sons,” said Dr. Martial De Bissog in his speech of circumstance. “The opposition parties to overthrow the current system must together look in the same direction and trust a stronger leader capable of driving the G-18 to Etoudi. It is possible, “he added.

Speaking at the well-attended meeting, Mpodol Jean Marc Ngoss began by paying a well-deserved tribute to UPC First Secretary Oum Nyobe before sharing the vision of the G-18.

These include “the three-day fast of abstinence to spiritually recharge the land and reconcile it with God; The establishment of the Anti-Corruption Police (ACP), whose members will be paid on the basis of their denunciations; The creation of the Central Bureau for the Suppression of Gangsterism (CBSG), to combat crime “.

But also: “the creation of the police of manners (Pom), charged with fighting against the depravity of manners; The establishment of the National Investment Commission (NIC) to create 20 businessmen, so two per region each year, chosen on very specific eligibility criteria to avoid any favoritism with the obligation to Employ 95% of the Cameroonian workforce and 5% foreign “.

With regard to the English-speaking problem, Mpodol proposes legislating in parliament for the introduction of a multi-member presidential election, that is, with the ticket president and vice-president. He also proposes the death penalty for criminals and prevaricators of public wealth and the construction of prisons in the basements of cities in the ten regions of the country.

In order to involve the diaspora in the sustainable development of the country, dual citizenship will be recognized, but the compatriot with dual nationality signs the preventive commitment to answer Cameroon’s jurisdiction as a Cameroonian if he were to commit a any offense punishable by law. Ten seats of MPs in parliaments for the diaspora will be increased across the five continents. A national day of the virgin will be established to revalorize the girl while preserving her from sexual deviances, we learned.

The National President of the PEA48 announced the start of an electoral registration operation, which aims to have at least 10 million voters registered. The first phase begins on Thursday 22 June in Tradex Ndokoti.

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