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Cameroon – Kondengui: An inmate dies only days to his freedom because of a woman

Written by Deckson N.

The deceased was 30-year old. He had been incarcerated for two years for acts of fraud. His alleged murderer is waiting to be presented to the Prosecutor of the Republic.

According to sources in the central prison of Kondengui in Yaoundé in the Central Region, violence is taking on increasing proportions. Proof is that last Saturday two detainees lodged in district 16 had a fight. One of them seized a knife with which he stabbed to death the other, named André Milouta. A source revealed that an investigation was opened. The alleged assassin auditioned at the Kondengui gendarmerie brigade, is awaiting today to be presented before the Public Prosecutor. He must be charged with assassination by stabbing.

The daily Le Jour in its edition of June 20, 2017 reports that a woman’s story is at the origin of the fight that broke out between the two prisoners. This woman is also incarcerated in the central prison of Kondengui in the Seminary district. André Milouta who lost his life was 30-year old. He had been in prison for two years. What led him there is summarized in facts of fraud. However, a newspaper source said he would soon regain freedom. Today he will no longer be able to benefit from this freedom.

Businesses like André Milouta’s are recurring in prison. The daily recalled that in 2015 another detainee had been murdered in similar circumstances. “The inmates consume hemp. Fights are recorded here every day. Sometimes even prison guards are threatened with death when they come to separate the fights. We do not know what to do, because it’s more than us, “says a prison guard.

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