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Cameroon – Conf. Cup: A member of FECAFOOT abandoned in his hotel

Written by Deckson N.

On each trip of the Indomitable Lions, it is now necessary to expect events from the members of the delegation. After the ‘Brussels gate‘ which cost the place of coordinator of the national teams to André Nguidjol, the misfires continue around the den of the Lions. It is Pierre Batamack who is the latest victim.

Eveline Ngo Touyé, couldn’t you call me?” You FECAFOOT employees do not you respect directors? You leave without me because someone wants to occupy my place on the plane. Lemme remind you that I am from the official delegation supported by FIFA, and you leave me here in the lobby of the hotel, I am here as a thug.” At the end of Pierre Batamack’s line was Eveline Ngo Touyé, one of the employees of Cameroon’s football governing body. Her crime was not to call her boss when the official caravan of the Indomitable Lions left the Renaissance Monarch Hotel in Moscow for the airport to Saint Petersburg. When the lady tried to explain, he started again: “You told me to go down with my luggage at 7 o’clock, and I told you I had only one carry-on bag. Is this the reason for abandoning me here, you all leave with the Fotso, you leave the president here in Moscow? You should tell Tombi that I will even return to Douala.” And Batamack turned to Mariia Dutilova, the local organizing committee lady who watches over the problems in the Lions hotel and asks if he can not find a way to catchup with the group left a few minutes earlier. The lady explained to him that without an escort, he can not find the delegation before taking off the plane.

The delegation of about fifty people was rushed on Monday morning for an earlier departure than expected in Saint Petersburg. Even the Cameroonian and foreign press that was on the Lions’ heels was caught unaware. But Pierre Batamack still does not understand what can explain this abandonment, he who occupied the room next to that of Blaise Moussa the secretary general who did not have the same problem. At the time of our departure from these places, a promise had been made to Mr. Batamack, that a ticket for an evening flight will be sent to him to rally Saint Petersburg.


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