Cameroon – Grand North: Magistrates of the Grand North feel marginalized, and are preparing a memorandum to Paul Biya

Written by Gisele Alba

It is the l’œil du sahel newspaper that reports the information, that a group of magistrates is finalizing a memorandum that will be addressed to the President of the Republic.

They consider that magistrates from this part of the country are excluded from the judiciary.

Excluded from the first circles of the judiciary in recent years, they are even less well off after the last Supreme Council of the Judiciary presided over by Head of State Paul Biya, on June 7 … the judiciary is fine and well concentrated in the hands of the nationals of Central, South, East and Littoral regions. This position was strongly reaffirmed by the last council. Indeed, not only have these ” blessed ” magistrates won all the most important posts, they have also been massively promoted to different ranks in anticipation of future raids, “writes our colleague.

The tri-weekly recalls that for the “fiscal years 2015 and 2016, 237 places were planned, only 29 magistrates from the three northern regions are among the promoted … Similarly, no northerner was promoted to a higher rank, even though two magistrates fulfilled all the necessary conditions: Oumarou Bamanga, former director of general affairs at the Ministry of Justice and Mongolo Todou who for 15 years was head of court.

These elements which the newspaper describes as frustrations, will therefore be brought to the attention of the President of the Republic. One of the initiators of the memorandum confided anonymously that “we will ensure that Paul Biya has all the elements of our marginalization. The Minister of State, Laurent Esso, it is known, does not carry us in his heart for reasons that he is the only one to know. We ask him only one thing, that he loves his country by eroding the regional cleavages at the level of the magistracy, “he says.


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