Cameroon – Throwback Conf. Cup 2003 Part1: Kameni still playing, Njanka and Song now coaches!

Written by Gisele Alba

Where are the Lions of the French odyssey? The first part of this dossier is devoted to the goalkeeper of that time, Carlos Kameni and his league of defenders Tchato, Ndoume, Rigobert Song, Njanka and Atouba.

Idris Kameni: the stainless steel wall


An AS Saint-Etienne substitute at the time, Idris Carlos Kameni lacked playing time with his club, but released punch in the national selection. It was he who kept the Cameroonian woods during the competition, except against the United States where Eric Kwekeu had been preferred to him while the Lions were already qualified. The 19-year-old Kameni now stands for 33 years and is still active under the colors of FC Malaga in the Spanish Liga.

Bill Tchato: At the service of Eto’o

Bill Tchato

He left the lawn, but remains in the football industry, this time as a director. He coordinates since 2012 the activities of the Samuel Eto’o Foundation in Gabon, belonging to his former teammate in national selection. The structure is specialized in the training of young Gabonese footballers. Bill Tchato has also invested in restoration in Libreville.

Rigobert Song: Mane for life


The emblematic captain of the Lions during the French odyssey remained in the den, even after his retirement in 2010. He dropped to the Senior Lions as Team Manager, while he was graduating as a coach in France. He was promoted to the A’ Lions, a position he has held since 2016. He has been maintained, despite his staggering health.

Timothé Atouba: Difficult farewell to football


He still has legs that swarm, and still does not intend to leave the scene. After suffering an injury in the last two years while playing in Las Palmas in Spain, Atouba finally recovered in late 2016 and dreamed of rebounding in another European club. A return to FC Basel was possible, but things did not materialize. In addition, he plans to launch sports projects, similar to the one he contributed at the end of last year to Nkolbisson in Yaoundé. Which consisted in the detection of promising talents in football, rugby or basketball.

Njanka Beaka: A place for young people


He came out of the field by Indonesia, and settled for several years in the South of France, in Marseilles. The former Olympique de Mvolyé player currently occupies the position of Sports Director and Educator at the As Helvétique, an amateur team in the departmental league. He is leading the U19 and the seniors of this team, and is preparing for the next season, to pass his diplomas of football coach.

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