Cameroon – Far North: Two Cameroonians kidnapped by Chadian military

Written by Gisele Alba

They claim to have been abducted by Chadian soldiers who claimed 10 million CFA francs from them.

Kidnapped on the night of 23 to 24 May 2017 by heavily armed individuals, Yakoubou Ousmane and Harouna Hassan recovered their freedom in midday on 4 June. They were freed by their captors after being held captive for two weeks in Chadian territory.

According to the testimony of Yokoubou Ousmane, they were reportedly detained in a military camp. “We were kept in an encampment which resembled a military camp in every respect. Men wearing uniforms from the Chadian army watched over us. There were a hundred in this camp, well organized and disciplined.

And to add that “On June 4, some of them returned to the furious camp. After a discussion between them, it was suggested that we should be executed. Others, on the other hand, pleaded for our liberation.

It turns out that the hostages were subjected to physical violence and torture and were ordered to pay a ransom. “They whipped us day and night.┬áJust see the wounds I have on the body to imagine the ordeal. By torturing us, they hoped that we would eventually promise them something, and we did not have the 10 million FCFA requested, “said one of the hostages.

According to Harouna Hassan, they were subsequently accompanied to the camp by showing them the way to go. And it is after three days of walk that they arrived in Touboro, in the North region.

And it is once arrived at destination that the two hostages were taken in hand by the military authorities. When asked about their captivity, they said they were detained in Chadian territory, not far from the border, they said.

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