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Cameroon – Charlotte Dipanda: Allegations against the artist are all fake!

Written by Gisele Alba

According to recent updates on the allegations on the most decent new school artist in Cameroon, everything turns to point out that the story is fake.

Indeed Boris Bertolt, who is a well known investigative journalist, took upon himself to deep into the issue that is now trending on social networks and has shocked many fans.

According to his first results, everything is a setup and the target is not Charlotte Dipanda, but rather someone else close to her who is wants to grab an important post in the republic. Below are his points.

  1. The girl you see giving a kiss to Charlotte Dipanda is none other than her sister, Patricia Essombo. She has been with her everywhere for many years. The photo was taken in 2016 in the lodges of the Olympia in Paris before a concert a year ago, an information confirmed by several sources. They are two very close people.
  2. The nude pictures in circulation on whatsapp are not are not for the artist but rather from a Nigerian pornographic movie.
  3. It is not Charlotte Dipanda the target of this attack, but one of her relatives who is racing for a very important position in the Republic. Besides, these photographs began to circulate within the political-administrative establishment.

So the fans of the artist can now breath some air. After all, 80% of them did not even believe in the story anyway. And around 90% never even cared whether she was a lesbian or not, that’s to say how much they love her.

But something is still intriguing though, why should they attack Charlotte Dipanda when she’s not even the target? Well we’ll update you on anything new that comes up.

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