Cameroon – Peter Esoka: Sued by Afrique Media, the president of the NCC to appear to court today.

Written by Deckson N.

The president of the National Council of Communication (NCC) received a direct summon from the leaders of this television channel.

Peter Essoka, President of the NCC, is expected to attend the Court of First Instance (CFI) of Yaounde on June 13, 2017. According to Le Messager of Monday, June 12, 2017 that relays this information, he is attacked by the officials of the television channel Afrique Media. He will have to answer for refusal to enforce a final court decision, abuse of office, forfeiture and defamation.

Indeed, victim like several media outlets in 2016 of a sanction of the NCC, Afrique Media pursued the regulating organ of the communication sector in court and obtained its case. On 1 March, the court ordered the lifting of the seals affixed to the television station. A decision that will be challenged by Peter Essoka, only a year later. Meanwhile, the president of the NCC took several actions against the newspaper. Among other things, he sent a letter to cable distributors, asking them to remove the “Afrique Media” channel from the various bouquets, the paper said. A whim that was executed by cable distributors.

Once the action of the cable companies were put into practice, the consequences were heavy for the television channel which is climbing the niche to decry this situation. So, for channel’s administration, it is a question of “ arrogance and impertinence from the president of the NCC“, reads in the newspaper.

According to internal sources at the NCC, Peter Essoka’s stubbornness, decisions, and harassment in the form of blackmail are reflected in the fact that he stubbornly sends out notes that are indecent. Also, the criminal prosecution of Peter Essoka for his illegal exactions and decisions, makes the NCC civilly responsible and thus the channel demands more than a billion CFA francs in damages.

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