Cameroon – Parliament: Presidents of Senate and National Assembly attack the SDF

Written by Deckson N.

Marcel Niat Njifenji and Cavaye Yéguié Djibril denounced the boycott of the political party of Ni John Fru Ndi during the feast Unity celebrated on 20 May 2017.

On 8 June 2017, the parliamentary session opened. Marcel Niat Njifenji, Speaker of the Senate and Cavaye Yéguié Djibril, Speaker of the National Assembly (NA), criticized the Social Democratic Front (Sdf) and the Cameroon People’s Party (Cpp) in their respective opening speeches. Political parties that voluntarily refused to take part in the recent edition of the May 20, 2017 celebration. The daily newspaper Le Jour of June 9, 2017 which speaks of the opening of this parliamentary session, wonders ” What will be the atmosphere in the two parliamentary chambers where the Sdf remains the 2nd political force behind the all-powerful CPDM“.

Cavaye Yéguié Djibril, the NAP denounced the fact that political parties invited the others to boycott the feast of Unity. For him it is “the extremists, professionals of the empty chair politics“. However, he welcomed the fact that this appeal was more or less followed by Cameroonians. He congratulated “the Cameroonian people for the exceptional mobilization observed on 20 May 2017“. For him, he added, “it shows that there was still a need for it, that beyond all else, wisdom and reason will eventually prevail over the ambitions of certain people.” For his part, the President of the Senate declared that “faced with the calls for a boycott launched by some nostalgic political actors of a forgotten past, our compatriots administered the proof that the National Unity is a precious and sacred heritage that we must keep jealously every day“.

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