Cameroon – Bishop Benoit Bala Case: The late Bishop of Obala’s body allegedly thrown in Sanaga river by a helicopter

Written by Deckson N.

The neighbors of the bridge of Ebebda say that the body of the Bishop of Bafia, was dropped by a helicopter in the river Sanaga, at 2 AM in the morning, the day of his discovery by a Malian fisherman.

The assassination of Bishop Jean-Marie Benoit Bala, in view of the fact that no comment has been made, was not carried out by amateurs of the quarter, but rather by people well trained for that. For it is not given to amateurs to organize with so many misleading tracts and means, the assassination of a bishop. According to some theorists of criminology, everything was probably played in the call that the Bishop of Bafia received on May 30 at 11 pm.

He (Bishop Jean-Marie Benoit Bala, Editor’s note) was trapped by the person who had called him at such an undue hour. And it is unquestionably a person in whom he had great confidence. For to get out of your house at 9 PM to see someone calling you out, you must have full confidence in this person, and who also knows that you trust him. And again a bishop for that matter “says an expert in Italian criminology that contacted by mail.

Moreover, from our stay of several days on investigations in Ebebda, bridge of the river Sanaga where the vehicle of the assassinated bishop had been found, local residents, as well as fishermen confide without conjecture that on the night of June 1 to 2 2017, at a very late hour, at 2 AM in the morning, a helicopter had flown over the area of the drama. “It is when curiously and very easily the body was found on the morning of Friday, May 02, that we then understood that this helicopter, had come to let go of the body of the bishop,” believes a traditional diver of the place who required the strictest anonymity.

In principle, the laconic and too vulgar letter left in the bishop’s carriage (I am in the water, Editor’s note) was only an indication of the murderers for recovering the remains, but also of blurring possible investigators. A more sustained attention from the very discovery of the car in the middle of the bridge, would quickly have made it possible to understand that Bishop Jean-Marie Benoit Bala had been kidnapped, “explains our consultant in criminology.

Further on he murmured that after the trap was handed over to the prelate by a phone call received at more than 11 pm, a police commando who had come from Douala would have taken him away before taking him to his impassive executioners. Last Friday, just after his entrance to the general hospital of Yaounde, the body of the Bishop of Bafia, had passed a forensic examination. A post-mortem examination which our colleague of the daily newspaper L’Anecdote in its delivery of Monday 05 June 2017, believes to have captured leaks. According to the newspaper published in Yaounde, which cites the conclusions of the autopsy, Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Bala was murdered and thrown into the waters of the Sanaga less than four hours before the discovery of his body.

An autopsy revealing a slow and atrocious death of the bishop

In order to carry out an autopsy of the remains of Monseigneur, according to L’Anecdote newspaper, there were two associate professors of medicine, three sworn doctors, and one chosen by the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon. All these doctors, we are told, are representative of the specialties of the medicine belonging to the human anatomy. The autopsy report, it is said, was handed over to the right person, on Friday, June 2, at the clogs of 7 PM.

According to our colleague L’Anecdote, which cites the highlights of the autopsy report contained in his opinion in a confidential document, the Bishop of Bafia did not commit suicide. “The body removed from the waters of the Sanaga, according to one of the members of the college of physicians, shows that it had a stiffened arm, folded on its abdomen. A curious fact for a “suicide“. No doubt, then, for the daily newspaper, that Bishop Jean-Marie Benoit Bala was tortured, at the very moment when, the rescuers were looking for him. The newspaper therefore believes that it was only after this inhuman exercise that the body of the prelate was thrown into the Sanaga, about 20 km from the bridge of Ebebda.

The torture suffered by the bishop, it is said, is reflected, among other things, in the inflammation of the genitals, a person who has been subjected to electrocution. And as already announced by residents of the bridge of Ebebda, the lungs of Bishop Jean-Marie Benoit Bala, according to the autopsy report, contain no drop of water. “To prove this,” one of the autopsy team members said, “they were thrown into a basin of water, and went up to the surface immediately. Now, for a drowned man, they would have remained at the bottom of the water. ” And the Anecdote concludes that the condition of the body also allowed forensic pathologists to conclude that it “spent a little less than four hours in the waters“.

In a word, as in a thousand, the assassination of the Bishop of the diocese of Bafia has not yet revealed all its secrets. With the judicial investigation ordered, it is hoped that many things would be scrutinized, like all phone calls made or received in the last few weeks of his life, and more specifically, the famous and ultimate 11 PM. Though experts being categorical on the fact that the prelate, would never have left the diocese at 11 pm, had he been called, and by a trusted person. And these murmurs which claim that the tragic kidnapping of the priest would have been the work of a police commando from Douala!


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