Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: Here is the complete list of people arrested in the Anglophone crisis

Written by Deckson N.

The names of the 71 detainees listed are contained in Le Messager of 1 June.

According to the Network of Human and Peoples’ Rights Defenders (REDHAC), the Anglophone crisis deprived 71 people of freedom, instead of 23 as the official sources claim. According to the communication cell of the REDHAC, these are:

  1. Barrister Nkongho Felix Agbor Balla
  2. Justice Ayah Paul Abine
  3. Dr. Fontem Neba
  4. Mancho Che Bibixy
  5. Prof. Chia Ateh
  6. Barrister Abandem Walters
  7. Kuyase Leonard Sallan
  8. Aselacha Martin
  9. Ngwa Joseph Ngaling
  10. Awuh Tevence Ambe
  11. Munji Rolland
  12. Nkembu Chigum Anicet
  13. Njousi Abang David
  14. Tsi Conrad
  15. Moforchu Che Jean Rene
  16. Awah Thomas Dzenyagha Junior
  17. Miclaksh Junior
  18. Yadomgheh Hillary
  19. Pang James Puh
  20. Sunjoh Dieudonne
  21. Ngembe Eugene
  22. Ngalim Felix Sateh
  23. Tah Emile Agwe
  24. Kiugah Valentine
  25. Levala Brian
  26. Awan Zacks
  27. Tangwa Marvin
  28. Awermo Joseph
  29. Yusinyu Gerald
  30. Tambu Cedric
  31. Ndasi Julius
  32. Mungou Priestly Azeh
  33. Manyaka Gaston
  34. Langgwa Justin Tardeznywy
  35. Vernyuy Clerance
  36. Wandong Enoh Moses
  37. Chiafo Richard
  38. Temi Clifford
  39. Tim Finnian
  40. Tatih Eric Ngu
  41. Alobwede Van Kinsly Same
  42. Tata Elvis
  43. Achomba Hans
  44. Bezeng Mervine Akwang
  45. Nkwenkam Momenkam Tite
  46. Veranso Steven
  47. Wakemba Esono
  48. Penn Terence Khan
  49. Ndzenyuy Elvis
  50. Ndenge Gordon Zama
  51. Fontem Neba Dieudonne
  52. Ngembe Eugene
  53. Livisone Fung
  54. AchUO Azang
  55. Hampel Azang
  56. Afuh Javes Ngourou
  57. Njuh Kingsley Kelly
  58. Mamouda Sule
  59. Kum Gerald Chuo
  60. Abang Modest Amih
  61. Tsu Itie Franck
  62. Ngong Solos Wallang
  63. Nasser Fontoh
  64. Ewi Alain Meeh
  65. Ten Josua Mua
  66. Kangsen Nestor Mbah
  67. Fung Marcel Mih
  68. Tibi Vingent Tebug
  69. Ngong Canisius
  70. Lunba Bruno Nkemta
  71. Achou Emmanuale Kum

It must be said that according to the daily newspaper on Monday 5 May, about five of them, were released last weekend.

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