Cameroon – Bishop Balla: Autopsy reveals the bishop was assassinated

Written by Deckson N.

This post-mortem examination is formal: Bishop Jean Marie Benoît Bala was assassinated and thrown into the waters of the Sanaga less than 4 hours before the discovery of his body.

In its newsstand edition on Monday, June 5, 2017, the daily newspaper L’Anecdote unveils the mysteries surrounding the death of the bishop of Bafia, whose body was found last Friday near Monatélé three days after his disappearance and the curious discovery of his vehicle on the bridge of Ebebda, as well as a curious word, “I am in the water“, found on the front passenger seat.

The college of doctors to carry out the autopsy consisted of two associate professors of medicine, three sworn doctors and one appointed by the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon by the voice of its president Monsignor Kleda. The latter are representative of the specialties of medicine concerning human anatomy. They made their report a little less than 4 hours later.

According to the findings of the autopsy reported in a confidential document which the newspaper said had echoed, Bishop Bala did not commit suicide. “The body removed from the waters of the Sanaga, according to one of the members of the college of doctors, that it had a stiffened arm, folded on his abdomen.”

For L’Anecdote, Bishop Bala was tortured while the rescuers were looking for him before being thrown into the Sanaga just over 19 kilometers from the bridge at Ebebda. A torture that is confirmed by the inflammation of his genitals (a bit like someone who would have undergone an electrocution). And as if that were not enough, it is proven that “the lungs of the disappeared contained no drop of water.

To prove this,” one of the autopsy team members said, “they were thrown into a basin of water, and went up to the surface immediately. Now, for a drowned man, he would have remained at the bottom of the water. The state of the body also allowed the specialists to conclude that it has “spent a little less than 4 hours in the waters“, writes the newspaper.

Revelations that raise many questions. A judicial inquiry for suspicious death has been opened, the Attorney General at the Court of Appeal of the Center instructs the Directorate of the Judicial Police and the Central Investigation Department of the gendarmerie to carry out the investigations.

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