Cameroon – Creepy Revelations: Revelation: A Letter at the base of the death of Bishop Bala

All Cameroon holds its breath while awaiting the results of the autopsy of the forensic doctors on the remains of Monsignor Jean-Marie Benoit Bala.

The opinion remains very doubtful on the hypothesis of suicide of the Bishop of Bafia who according to Patrick Nouma, ex-collaborator of Paul Biya, would be victim of “a conspiracy” in the Catholic Church of Cameroon of which he is a fervent shepherd.

He sees only two principal accused in this case, Paul Biya and Piero Pippo, the Apostolic Nuncio in Cameroon.

While speculation is going on, important revelations about this drama are also unveiled. The “poor” bishop reportedly held information that cost him his life.

At one point, the Bishop of Bafia could no longer bear to remain silent about the well-kept secrets of homosexuality and pedophilia in the Catholic Church. Very disturbed by his conscience, an act that can be described as “naive” or not, the 58-year-old bishop wrote to Cameroon’s Piero Pippo, apostolic nuncio.

The letter allegedly denounced and suspected the network of homosexuals within the Catholic Church. He had had to fight them. Piero Pioppo would have immediately sent the letter of Monseigneur Bala to Martin Belinga Eboutou. Knowing that he would sign the death warrant of the bishop of Mbam and Inoubou, “reveals Patrick Nouma, the former close personality to Biya.

According to Patrick Nouma, not only Belinga Eboutou would’ve lead the network of Catholic homosexuals, suggests the former collaborator of President Biya. Moreover, he adds that it is the Directorate of Civil Carbinate (DCC) which manufactures practically all the sacraments of the bishops in Cameroon.

The coronation is the appointment by the Vatican of a priest as bishop. It would follow a precise procedure, mastered by Belinga Eboutou, former seminarian and important financier of the Catholic Church. He would corrupt the entire Catholic Church, where he would give no less than 15 to 20 million to priests who give in, including Piero Pioppo, would also be involved in this network of homosexuality.

Bishop Jean-Marie BenoƮt Bala, sending this letter to the Vatican ambassador on 29 May, on the eve of the announcement of his disappearance, unwittingly signed his death sentence.

His death is not only related to this dark affair of homosexuality and pedophilia in Cameroon, it also coincides with the re-election of Paul Biya in 2018, says Patrick Nouma.

Patrice Nouma said that whenever Paul Biya was to be reelected for a new presidential term a priest of the rank of bishop was always sacrificed. And his blood drunk by the circle of “nnom ngui” (traditional title of Paul Biya).

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