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Cameroon – Maahlox: Artist thinks late Bishop Benoît Balla is a ‘brothel of dog’

The tragic death of the Bishop of Bafia, Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Balla occupies all platforms since the announcement of his disappearance. On Facebook, not only Catholic Christians, but also Cameroonians on all sides express their sympathy for this drama that has just struck the Catholic Church in Cameroon.

It is this climent of sadness that the artist Maalox Le Vibreur chose to also express himself. On his Facebook page, the star of the moment treated the Bishop of Bafia of all sorts of names. In one of his comments, Maalox called the victim ‘Brothel dog‘ causing the anger of the Internet users who raged on him. As if that were not enough he attacked his admirers who reproached him for the violence of his remarks and especially the total lack of compassion on his part. In the remainder of his reasoning, which did not spare Monsignor Jean Marie Benoit Balla, the  artist continued by pouring a whole battle of insult on the deceased. “Goat he says he’s a man of God but he’s the first one to jump into the river, a dog like that. I have no compassion or pity for him. He commits suicide that he has problems more than people who do not even have enough to eat in my neighborhood? “

Some artists like General Valséro publicly denounced the attitude of Maalox calling him of another mentality.

In the early evening of yesterday, some information about the arrest of the singer at the State Secretariat of Defense (SED) circulated on social networks. This information was quickly denied by the artist himself on his page.

It must be remembered that it was on this Friday that the lifeless body of the Bishop was drafted from the lake, raising questions and sadness.

This exit of Maalox, described as hazardous by many Internet users, reflects in a way the banalization of the dramas that affect the human race. The ‘Android generation‘ transforms the drama into a veritable campaign of irony on social networks where there is a total absence of compassion. The younger generation is so bombarded with images and dramatic videos that it gets used to it and becomes more and more insensitive. The Maalox case is an example

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