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Cameroon – Ngaoundere: A fake military arrested in Ngaoundéré

fake military arrested
Written by Deckson N.

It has been five months since Mbitang Haman, a native of the Far North, operates on behalf of law enforcement agencies in the town of Ngaoundéré. He pretended to be a man in uniform to intimidate illegal traders in areas such as selling street drugs or adulterated fuel. The offenders had to pay him a large sum of money to protect themselves against his threats.

His last blow was a few weeks ago, when he threatened a merchant responding to the name Yannick. The latter reportedly sold a drug of questionable origin to a young man whose wife was suffering from stomach ache.

According to witnesses, the sick woman would have died after ingesting the drugs sold by Yannick. The fake military then seized the opportunity to claim a sum of money from the seller. Funds that should be paid into an account. The trader thus ceded 100,000 CFA francs, as compensation costs to the family of the deceased.

He also made a financial transaction of 200,000 CFA francs to drive the woman’s body to her native village to the east, as well as the organization of the funeral. The trader who did not imagine that he was in front of a well organized network of crooks continued to yield to the blackmail of the fake military. The pot of roses was discovered last Monday, when he met the woman declared dead.

He then used the elements of the division of military security, antenna of Adamawa. Which will not delay to carry out an investigation on the ground until they got their hands on the fake military. During a search in his home in the Djackbol subdivision, elements of the military security division found three mobile phones, a plasma screen and a mattress on the ground.

On his national identity card, it is the function of controller at CAMTEL of Ngaoundéré that is mentioned. At the time of  writing this article, the police discovered that the latter was not employed at CAMTEL.

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