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Cameroon – Nathalie/Eto’o: Three years after the Nathalie Koah case, Fally Ipupa delivers his truth

Written by Deckson N.

Another episode in the Nathalie Koah-Samuel Eto’o drama. One year after the publication of the polemic book, Revenge Porn, the Congolese artist Fally Ipupa finally delivers his share of truth on this matter.

It took three years for the Congolese star to shed light on his role in this affair. Fally Ipupa who was in Cameroon last week denies any relationship with Nathalie Koah.

At the time, in 2014, when this case was in the limelight, a great rumor had circulated about an alleged relationship between the Congolese and the Cameroonian. Photos of the alleged couple lying intimately in a bed had circulated on the net while Nathalie was in contact with Samuel Eto’o.

Like any man proud of his ego, the pichichi stung a nervous crisis. This revelation chilled the relationship between the international Samuel Eto’o and the artist Fally Ipupa.

The same year, in one of her statements in Kinshasa, Nathalie Koah confessed under pressure her relationship with Fally Ipupa to Samuel Eto’o. “Mobile phones were seized by the SED for investigations. Four days later, Samuel Eto’o contacted me from London and told me the exact story of my conversations with Fally. He asked me to join him in London. Once over there; He brutalized me, he hit me and pushed me against the toilet door. He asked me why I’m in relation with Fally. Then he told me to confess my relationship with Fally. I told him I can not confess a relationship that does not exist. Fally is a friend and he knows it very well. With his Ipad, he filmed me asking me to confess. Then under pressure, I told him that yes I went out with Fally … for him leave me alone. This was my way of giving him a slap, “said Nathalie Koah.

Three years later, the two men met recently in Cameroon where they made peace. Images of their reconciliation have been seen on the networks.

This weekend in Ebrié, invited on the show “Rien à cacher” on Radio Nostalgie, the host Yves de Mbella came back on this subject, but this time Fally Ipupa was clear. “There has never been a war, so we can not talk about reconciliation. The tension that has been maintained has only been on the Net. The pictures they have published are not mine. They were edited. The internet has come to promote stupidity. I do not put on hair like that and then tell a girl to take a picture, for what purpose? When you click on Fally, the number of stupid things I get is enormous. I do not get into that bullshit, “says Fally Ipupa.

With this declaration of Fally, it is perhaps the end of this story that has lasted too with so many shakes including the trials and the publication of Revenge Porn of Nathalie Koah.

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