Cameroon – Lumber: More than 2.5 million hectares lost each year

Written by Deckson N.

According to experts, the informal exploitation of the forest constitutes a threat of the forest cover of Cameroon.

According to the Cameroon Federation of Wood Producers’ Associations, Cameroon is losing more than 2.5 million hectares each year due to the informal exploitation of the forest. Pamphile Tanga the general secretary of the federation said that 75% of wood consumption is informal. It was last February during the awareness-raising and information workshops held in Bertoua in the Southern Region. The daily Mutations in its edition of May 24, 2017 reports that each year at least two and a half million cubic meters are cut each year mainly for furnishing and furniture needs. This poses a problem in favor of the domestic wood market alone. Rapha√čl Tsanga, a researcher at the International Center for Forestry (CIFOR), said: “The strategy paper for growth and employment envisages an annual exploitation of two and a half million cubic meters. But it is beyond this estimate, which is largely outdated.

In 2014, the Cifor published a study which revealed that of the 61% of handcrafted wood reserved for national consumption, 75% are informal. What should be of concern to Cameroon, given that the country has made international commitments for the sustainable management of its resources. The most recent of these promises is the signing and ratification of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, with the national strategy to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, Improved carbon stocks (Redd +). For the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, the Cifor study was rather well received. “We welcomed the Cifor study on the informal wood market. This situation has an environmental, but especially economic and social impact, in that the cut wood does not respect the diameter and all that can be manufactured with this wood is of poor quality. We are experiencing cases of doors whose wings are deformed and roofs whose plates deteriorate after a few months, “says an anonymous source daily.

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