Cameroon – Rugby: The organization of the Bronze Africa cup withdrawn from Cameroon

Written by Deckson N.

Cameroon will not host or participate in the Bronze Africa Cup rugby. The sports activities of the Cameroonian Federation (FECARUGBY) were frozen for three months, following internal tensions and a conflict with the African Confederation (Rugby Africa).

It was to be a renaissance and a big party for Cameroonian rugby, after a long period of banning from the oval world. It sounds like a huge mess for FECARUGBY and its parent company, Rugby Africa. For the Cameroonian Rugby Federation was suspended on May 17 for three months, following internal tensions and a conflict with the African Confederation.

The Bronze Africa Cup, the 3rd division of the Africa Cup of Nations of rugby with XV teams, will therefore not take place in the country of the “indomitable Lions,” while it was scheduled to begin in May in Yaounde. On Facebook, a FECARUGBY post dated May 23 specifies the reasons for the withdrawal of the competition.

Cameroon has just been canceled the organization of this competition due primarily to the insecurity of the teams and officials to take part in the competition. A competition to be held in the capital of Cameroon with a pledge of the government, as has been the case, can not be taken lightly. The security of third parties has always been guaranteed by the State in such circumstances and no one can deny it. Cameroon is home to many international competitions without the security of people and goods being threatened, the last Women Africa Cup of Nations is an illustrious example. Speaking of security in such circumstances could undoubtedly be considered injurious in the eyes of the State of Cameroon, “the statement said.

Cameroon will not be able to participate in the Bronze Africa Cup. The countries that will participate will only be Nigeria and Algeria. They will play two matches, either in Algeria or Nigeria. I deplore this situation, sighs Abdelaziz Bougja. We gave Cameroon six months to organize. The tournament was postponed three times. We accepted these postponements. But then there were internal disputes and clans formed, “said Abdelaziz Bougja, president of Rugby Africa.

The Moroccan leader assures that it is this antagonism that pushed the Executive Committee to withdraw the organization of the Bronze Africa Cup in Cameroon. “There was a responsibility we did not want to take: moving players, young people, when we do not know who is handling things locally and how it’s managed.

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