Cameroon – Douala General Hospital: Since the breakdown of equipment and consumables, the hemodialysis service records three deaths

Written by Deckson N.

Despite the many complaints of patients with renal insufficiency, the authorities seem to remain indifferent to the situation prevailing in this hospital.

For this month alone, the dialysis department of the General Hospital of Douala records three deaths, says Le Messager of Friday May 24, 2017. According to some sources that report this situation, it is because of the equipment and other dialysis consumables that are insufficient to guarantee two sessions of hemodialysis per week for three hundred patients.

A situation that plunges a bad atmosphere within the hospital, and leaves the sick on the brink of crisis. Some of them tell the nightmare that has become their life with some private media. The worst thing is that despite the many complaints made by the patients, the authorities seem to remain indifferent to the situation prevailing in this hospital.

We do not know where to go. We have every difficulty in holding a week without dialysis. How can u be a human, without urinating or eliminating waste for days? We feel that the government has abandoned us, “says one patient.

For the sick, the worst is to live without knowing which place to devote to in order to recover health. “It is painful to see our comrades falling like flies, helpless in the face of the disease, powerless against the scientific findings of human genius,” laments a patient.

Yet, some time ago, the administration of the General Hospital of Douala claimed to do everything possible to remedy this situation. Unfortunately to date, nothing seems to have moved and the patients continue to live a real hell, due to the lack of equipment and dialysis consumables. Last Thursday was a case of death of a patient with renal insufficiency at the General Hospital of Yaoundé. But this time, the patient of Central African origin, would have died of the consequences of an attack on Friday May 19th.

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