Written by Deckson N.

πŸ‘‰1916, Picot-Oliphant (French and British politicians respectively) drew a line to partition Cameroon. 80% & 20%.
πŸ‘‰1919, Simon-Milner Agreement confirmed the Picot-Oliphant Line. League Of Nations (L.O.N) confirmed the Partition.
πŸ‘‰1922, Mandate Commission of the L.O.N mandated the administration of Southern Cameroon to Britain and French Cameroon to France. Southern Cameroon was administered as an integral part of Eastern Nigeria. Feeling of marginalization within Nigeria led to the formation of pressure groups such as;
πŸ‘‰1940, E.M.L ENDELEY and others formed the Cameroon Youth League(CYL) under the Enugu in Nigeria. CYL demanded for a Separate Regional Status. CYL made up mostly of students in constant movement,,, it collapsed.
πŸ‘‰1949, Cameroon National Federation (CNF) was formed. It demanded for Separate Status and Reunification with French Cameroon. R.K DIBONGUE of the Kamerun United National Congress (K.U.N.C) who advocated for Reunification with French Cameroon merged to form the KAMERUN NATIONAL CONGRESS (KNC) as the first political party in Southern Cameroon in 1953.
πŸ‘‰May 1953, Eastern Regional crisis broke out. N.N. MBILE wanted continuous stay in Nigeria, Endeley led Southern Cameroonians to Lancaster Conference in London,,, Autonomous status given, ENDELEY elected first Premier of Southern Cameroon. He campaigns for Integration with Nigeria yet again, but as a Autonomous Region.
πŸ‘‰1955, J.N FONCHA and A.N JUA break away from KNC to form KNDP, and campaigned for Independence and Reunification with French Cameroon.

β–Ά1956, oil discovered in Oloibiri in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.
β–Ά1956, Oil discovered around the WOURI DOUALA region at LOGBABA.
1956, Algeria under French administration wanted to control their oil business.
France saw the need to take steps to safeguard her economic interest in Africa. FRANΓ‡OIS MITTERAND in 1957 said “without Africa, France will have no history in the 21st century”. France became interested even in Biafra region under British administration. She equally suspects oil in Southern Cameroon.

πŸ‘‰1957, ENDELEY led Southern Cameroons to London for Independence talks. Fon GALEGA II joined the shadowed Kamerun Society (K.S) voices to ask for Full and Unconditional Independence.
πŸ‘‰P.M KALE with the K.U.P demanded for full independence for Southern Cameroon.
πŸ‘‰A.N JUA demanded for Total Independence, comparing Southern Cameroons was more populated and capable to be independent than The Gambia.
πŸ‘‰1958, Ahidjo sold French Cameroun to France by signing the Corporation Agreement with France (MichΓ¨le DebrΓ© and Ahidjo) which gave France full authority to exploit all the sub soil resources found in French Cameroun(Southern Cameroons was not part of this agreement).
πŸ‘‰1st January 1960, French Cameroun had Independence and is known as La Republique du Cameroun.
πŸ‘‰1st October 1960, Nigeria became independent and is known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
πŸ‘Article 47 of the U.N.O stipulates that all Trust Territories should be granted unconditional Indepence latest 30th September 1961. Southern Cameroons was amongst.
πŸ‘‰Article 1350 of the U.N.O says a UN conducted plebiscite should be organized in the British Northern and British Southern Cameroons on separate days.
πŸ‘‰Article 1352 paragraph 2 shapes the type of questions to be asked by the U.N.O in the plebiscite day. This Article required the plebiscite to be conducted between September 30th 1960 to March 1961.
πŸ‘‰ st June 1960, British Northern Cameroon voted in their own plebiscite to join Nigeria.
πŸ‘‰11th February 1961 was Plebiscite Day for British Southern Cameroon, corresponding with the EMPIRE DAY and date of birth of Queen of England at the time.
πŸ‘‰21st April 1961, UN General Assembly through Resolution 1608, voted to determine our fate as concerns our Independence question. Results; 64 COUNTRIES FOR, 23 AGAINST and 10 NEUTRAL. Note…La Republique du Cameroun and France voted against our independence.
πŸ‘‰June 1961, BAMENDA ALL PARTY CONFERENCE formulated their proposed terms as to how the “Federal Republique” should look like.
πŸ‘‰J.N FONCHA led Southern Cameroon delegation to Foumban Constitutional Conference 1961, A.N JUA decried how a Constitution could be written in two (2) days. Almost all resolutions from Bamenda Conference rejected. Only the creation of the House of Chiefs was added to the La Republique already prepared Constitution and imposed on Southern Cameroon.
β›”Anthem imposed on us,
β›”Flag imposed on us,
β›”Motto imposed on us,
β›”Currency imposed on us, etc.
πŸ‘‰YaoundΓ© Tripartite Conference that had to ensure the signing of the “Treaty of Union” under the supervision of the UNO was a fiasco.
πŸ‘‰One month before 1st October (our independence day) most British administrators had abandoned Southern Cameroon. France was monitoring the happenings.
πŸ‘‰30sep 1961, MALCOLM MILNE and the few UN officials end their administration in Southern Cameroon. At night, Ahidjo’s Gendarmes are sent to Southern Cameroon.
πŸ‘‰1st October, U.N JACK was lowered, flag was hoisted and Anthem was sang(commanded by Ahidjo in the presence of his gendarmes).
General Charles DE Gaulle of France said “This is a little cadeaux from the UN”.
πŸ‘‰J.N FONCHA became the V.P of the Federal Republic of Cameroon and the P.M of West Cameroon till 1965.
πŸ‘‰1961-1963, cases of insecurity recorded; rape of pregnant women, 10 year old by French forces etc.
πŸ‘‰1965 May 12, A.N JUA elected P.M of West Cameroon. Visionary and patriotic, JUA formed a coalition with the opposition party of West Cameroon C.P.N.C of E.M.L ENDELEY. August, signed communique where him Jua and Endeley will work hand in glove to safeguard the Sovereignty, Independence, Parliamentary, Political institutions of the West Cameroon Nation. This threatened Ahidjo’s consolidation of power and French interest. West Cameroon socio-economicy booming.
Ahidjo tries to corrupt JUA with a Federal minister of Health and many other promises but failed.
πŸ‘‰1966, Ahidjo cunningly submerged all parties in West Cameroon and formed Cameroun National Union (CNU). Single party in both West Cameroon and East Cameroon. More powers are now concentrated into his hands.
πŸ‘‰1968, Ahidjo sacked A.N JUA addressing people in Mamfe. He replaced patriotic A.N JUA with a “gullible and ready to sell people” S.T MUNA.
πŸ‘‰1969, Ahidjo merged West Cameroon Police Force and East Cameroon forces under General Delegate for National Security. We could nolonger resist as a sovereign people.
πŸ‘‰1970, Ahidjo appointed S.T MUNA as V.P of Federal Republic of Cameroun. MUNA commulated two posts against the laws of the West Cameroonians.(P.M of West Cameroon and V.P of Federal Republic of Cameroon).
πŸ‘‰1972 May 5th, Ahidjo returned from France with orders from GEORGE POMPIDOU to dismantle the Federal system, institute a Unitary system so that France can get access to the oil reserves in West Cameroon. This was just after the discovery of oil in West Cameroon. Ahidjo convened Federal parliament and told them his decision to replace Federal System with a Unitary System… reasons best known to him except for the fact that Federal system was cumbersome and expensive to run. Bullshit altogether. Referendum in less than 13 days. First,
HE created panic amongst WEST CAMEROON by saying there was an imminent Nigeria raid of West Cameroon, just after a Nigerian crisis. Ahidjo then sent his gendarmes to West Cameroon in this guise.
πŸ‘‰20th May was JAMAINE AHIDJO’S birth day (Ahidjo’s wife). Ahidjo systematically chosed this date as a cadeaux to his wife.
Referendum was conducted but with only one answer… YES or OUI. There was no NO or NON as an answer.
πŸ‘‰Saturday 20th May, at exactly 13:00 O’clock Cameroun Time, HENRY BANDOLO over Cameroon Radio announce that following the referendum results and through a presidential decree, 99.9% of Cameroonians voted in favour of a change to a Unitary system of government.(Question. How did the results from the suburbs reach the Capital?). In effect, there no relationship between the 20th May and the National Day for either La REPUBLIQUE or SOUTHERN CAMEROON. Infact, SOUTHERN CAMEROON and La REPUBLIQUE don’t celebrate their independence day.
πŸ‘‰1972, Southern Cameroon gave way to North West and South West are born from West Cameroon as a tool to divide, rule and ruin us.Cameroon moved from 6 provinves (5 from East Cameroun and 1 from West Cameroon) to 7. West Cameroon P.M post abolished.
CAMEROON ANGLOPHONE MOVEMENT (CAM) formed after all the confusions, abrogation of terms of the “Federal Constitution” especially βœ”Article 47 which stipulated that “the Federal Status-quo should never be tampered with”
πŸ‘‰1973, S.T. MUNA appointed Speaker of National House of Assembly. J.N Foncha enjoying himself at the Presidency. We are completely sold as there isn’t anyone to resist or oppose Ahidjo and his deeds.
πŸ‘‰1975, Paul Biya Bathelomew Mvondo was appointed P.M. Constitution changed and P.M made to succeed the president incase need arises.
πŸ‘‰1977, official exploitation of the Betika oil reserves in Southern Cameroon. France has finally succeeded in their mission.
πŸ‘‰Saturday 6th November at 19:21 P.M 1982, Ahidjo resigned and was replaced by Paul Biya.
πŸ‘‰1983, Biya dismantled Center-Sud Province to create Center and South as separate provinces.
He again dismantled the GRANDE-NORD as it was called by creating FAR North and ADAMAWA from The NORD. Results was 10 provinces.
πŸ‘‰1984, Biya amended ARTICLES:-
1– by changing the name of the country to La Republique Du Cameroun (the name French Cameroun had at independence in 1st January 1960. Southern Cameroon identity is completely assimilated and erased from history records). FON GORJI DINKA rouse and challenged the Status-quo… results was the birth of AMBAZONIA. He was jailed by Biya.
5– scrapping off the P.M post
7–President of Senate was again made the constitutional successor of the president.
πŸ‘‰1990, Simon Achidi Achu appointed P.M of Cameroun.
πŸ‘‰1991, launch of S.D.F as a return to multiparty politics saw deaths, arrests, imprisonment in Bamenda.
πŸ‘‰1992 presidential elections, opposition(SDF) is said to be victorious, but Biya declare winner. Results was Political unrest, arrests, killings and detention. Ni John Fru Ndi also placed under house arrest.
πŸ‘‰1993 April 2nd, All Anglophone Congress 1 (ACC1) came out with the “BUEA DECLARATION”. Called for Constitutional amendments and return to 1961 Constitution.
πŸ‘‰1994, All Anglophone Congress 2 (AAC2) “BAMENDA DECLARATION”. Called for return to Federal System of government after a reasonable time or Total independence will be the only option.
πŸ‘‰1994, SOUTHERN CAMEROON PEOPLE’S ORGANIZATION (SCAPO) is formed with SOUTHERN CAMEROON NATIONAL CONGRESS (SCNC) as the executive governing body was formed.
Simon Achidi Achu is sent to derail Southern Cameroonians same as Philemon Yang was sent this time around.
πŸ‘‰28th May 1995, SOUTHERN CAMEROON YOUTH LEAGUE (SCYL) was formed
πŸ‘‰1995, J.N FONCHA led an SCNC delegation to the U.N.O, and about 315.000 signatories opted for a referendum in Cameroon (for us to vote to either stay in the union or leave).
πŸ‘‰1999 30th December, JUDGE EBONG FREDERICK ALOBWEDE over radio Buea declared the independence of Southern Cameroon.
πŸ‘‰2003, SCAPO-SCNC took La Republique du Cameroon to African commission of Humans and Peoples Rights. SCAPO-SCNC won landmark suit or case against them, with an obligation to implement the results of the proceedings, but failed to do so. Etc, etc, etc…
πŸ‘‰2016 October, peaceful Lawyer’s strike, November teachers joined lawyers in a peaceful SIT-IN strike and Thursday December 8, killings, arrests of Southern Cameroonians exhibiting their rights to self determination.
You can now continue with the chain of events as all of us are witnesses, activists.

Credit : Ntemfac Ofege

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