Cameroon – Jules Domche (CEO of VOX AFRICA): “NCC sanctions are very funny”

Written by Deckson N.

For the former journalist of Canal 2 International and Radio Tiemeni Siantou, the regulator of the audiovisual sector is not yet in its infancy.

A media official is hitting on the National Communications Council (NCC). Jules Domche, general manager of pan-African television VOX AFRICA, noted on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 during the program “La grande interview” (Canal 2 international) the weaknesses of this body in charge of regulating the communication sector in Cameroon. From the outset, the former journalist of Radio Tiemeni Siantou considers that the constitution of the NCC is not balanced.

The composition of the NCC is a real problem. Inside the NCC today, you have Christophe Bobiokono, Guibai Gatama, who are two publishing directors. This is already a fundamental problem. How do you expect him to be a judge and a party? You can not be a journalist, publication manager and decide on your competitors. Whatever your level of moral integrity, whatever your level of value, there is at one point a suspicion that may or may not be justified. Elsewhere this is not what is being done, “he argues.

And to cite the example of France with its Higher Council of Audiovisual. “As soon as you are appointed, you completely abandon your former duties. You do not do anything anymore. You’re just doing that. Because regulation is a trade. It’s not that simple. Second, even when you are no longer a member of the Board, you have a year where you have no right to make public statements about the activities you have had to conduct. You have three years where you can no longer work for one of the media that you have had before. It is to give the possibility and the strength to the Council to be more competent “, he explains.

Jules Domche found that the NCC do not have the means to accomplish its tasks. According to him, it lacks for example the power to enforce the sanctions taken against the organs of the press or the journalists. “What is it like today?” NCC penalties make you laugh! The NCC sanctions and people organize TV programs to make fun of the NCC. Aurore Plus is sanctioned, tomorrow you have Aurore, you sanction L’Epervier, tomorrow you have L’Epervier Plus. We are playing with the sanctions of the NCC, “said the former head of the office of Canal 2 International in Yaoundé.

As far as the regulation itself is concerned, Domche raises another series of problems, such as the structuring of the organ and its functioning. “There are still quite astonishing cases where journalists are heard by people who have no knowledge of the field. This is already a problem, “says Jules Domche. The journalist would like to see clearly defined the responsibilities and the mission of the NCC in terms of regulation.

In his view, the impression is that the NCC is a judicial body awaiting complaints and imposing sanctions. “That’s not regulation,” he said. Regulation also means that we can anticipate. There is a whole section of regulation that is not even addressed at all by the NCC. “Let us stop to lie to ourselves, to veil our face: the regulation of the audiovisual in Cameroon has not even begun, it is not even in its infancy. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done, “says Jules Domche.

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