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Cameroon – Center: 15 students dismissed for being pregnant.

Written by Deckson N.

The principal of the Ezezang Mendoum high school (lycée d’Ezezang Mendoum), has just dismissed at least fifteen students for pregnancy in school. The sanction is valid, on behalf of the year 2016/2017.

Ebode Noa Boniface, principal of the Ezezang-Mendoum high school in Obala, in Lékié, one of the leading divisions of the Center region, located some 30 minutes from Yaoundé, has just excluded at least Fifteen pupils for school-related pregnancies.

Young girls excluded from high school, were students enrolled in classrooms from 5eme  (Form II) to 1ere(Lower Sixth).

Approached by our website, the principal said he had applied a circular from the Ministry of Secondary Education (Minesec).

Indeed, the circular note no. 10/1/562/MINESEC/EPM/EP states that “any secondary school female student with signs of pregnancy shall be dismissed from school and shall be readmitted only if, after the giving to birth,  she fulfills the conditions of age and conduct “.

Any secondary school male student who has been recognized as the author of a pregnancy, will also be dismissed from school in any government school until his partner gives birth“, one can read in the same text.

In addition to these officially listed pregnancies, other students, for fear of exclusion, voluntarily abandoned their studies during the year at the Ezezang-Mendoum High School, we learned on the spot.

The phenomenon of pregnancy of young students shakes Cameroonian school environments. The Practice is very common.

The Ezezang -Mendoum High School is not an isolated case. It is frequent indeed to meet in the maternity wards, students of 14, 13, 12 years old, even less old, waiting for childbirth.

When teachers are not suspected, male students are singled out.

Among the public, bike riders are sometimes accused of being the perpetrators of the thousands of other cases of pregnancies in schools, which disrupt the curriculum of young girls.

Poverty, and lack of follow-up of children, are the cause of these school-related pregnancies, which are generally undesirable.

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