Cameroon – Transport: Port of Douala inaugurates a third crane with low CO2 emissions and consuming 30% less energy

Written by Deckson N.

On May 18, 2017, the Cameroonian Minister of Transport, Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o, went to Douala, the economic capital, to inaugurate the 3rd gantry in Douala.

According to Douala International Terminal’s (DIT) general manager, the concession operator of the container terminal in the port of Douala, this gantry “meets the most stringent environmental protection standards: low CO2 emissions and 30% Less energy than the existing equipment “.

Acquired by DIT under the terms of the concession agreement for the container terminal at the port of Douala, this equipment, costing CFA 5.5 billion, was built by the Chinese company ZPMC, presented as the world leader of the construction of lifting port equipment.

According to the general manager of the Douala Port Authority (DPA), Cyrus Ngo’o, “this equipment planned in 2008, arrives today mainly due to the necessary precautions and debates that have taken place, -mechanical wharf and its ability to carry this third crane. This technical prerequisite having been lifted in 2014, the application of the specifications with regard to this tool has been initiated “.

The new crane, according to the experts, will significantly boost the handling capacity at the container terminal in Douala port, since, it is said, it is capable of fetching containers even further in ships ( 15 rows against 13 for existing gantries), has a lifting capacity of 45 tons against 40 tons for the others, and allows to maneuver more quickly.

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