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Cameroon – Yaounde: A mother of 4 caught by husband while trying to board a plane to Europe to meet her “white” online lover

Written by Deckson N.

A man caught up with his wife at Yaounde Nsimalen airport last Thursday in the early evening, when she was waiting for the time to initiate the formalities for her boarding, we learned from the victim.

The 32-year-old wife tried to leave her 39-year-old husband, leaving her 4 children and taking more than half of their savings, over 2.5 million CFA francs of the couple, housed in a joined account.

The husband, originally from the West, is a taxi driver and the owner of several others. He was informed of the secret project of his wife, by the best female friend of his wife.

Feeling deceived, the husband hurried to the Yaounde airport on the day of the flight with the marriage certificate of the couple and managed to prevent his wife’s trip to a European country.

According to information reported by the husband, his wife from Douala in the Littoral, attended regularly a cyber café of the Nkoabang neighborhood, where the couple lived.

In this cyber café, the ambitious young wife, had met a European who had promised her a better life and a marriage.

After several virtual exchanges, the young lady would have decided to go meet her “white” .

After the discovery of the whole situation last Thursday, the husband, decided to seek divorce. The two families have taken steps to bring back the serenity and that the idea of the divorce is forgotten.

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